Chana Bhav Today: The price of gram has fallen, gram was sold at this rate in the markets today

Chana Bhav Today: The cost of gram has fallen, gram was sold going on like this in the business sectors today, consistently the cost of gram continues to change in the business sectors.

The development of gram has been exceptionally less this time. Consistently gram is sold at new rates in the business sectors (Chana Bhav Today). It is being said that the cost of gram will ascend in the future also. So let us in on in the article beneath at what rate gram has been sold in the business sectors today.

Chana sold in light of present conditions in mandis today (Chana Bhav Today)-

Mandis = Rupees

Sirsa Grain Market = Rs. 6570 for every quintal

Adampur Grain Market = Rs. 6590 for every quintal

Ganjabasoda Market = Rs. 6650/6730

Hinganghat Market = Rs. 6550/6655

Shirpur Market = Rs. 6300/6600

Javra Market = Rs. 9500/10300

Kota Market = Rs. 6500/7000

Karanja Market = Rs. 6500/6800

Ashoknagar Market = Rs. 7000/7005

Sumerpur Market = Rs. 6700/6850

Hyderabad Billi = Rs. 6750/7200

Kishangarh Market = Rs. 6800/6805

Daryapur Market = Rs. 6400/6705

Khategaon Market =6400/6600 rupees

Vidisha Mandi =6350/6550 rupees

Bina Mandi =6700/7000 rupees

Dewas Mandi (Chana Bhav Today) =9000/10390 rupees

Shirpur Mandi =6000/6700 rupees

Khurai Mandi =6800/6900 rupees

Gadarwara Mandi =6600/7000 rupees

Jabalpur Mandi =6650/6750 rupees

Harda Mandi =6000/6555 rupees

Merta City =6780 rupees

Varawal Mandi =6350/6750 rupees

Mandsaur Mandi =6600/6900 rupees

Piparia Mandi =6700/7155 rupees

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