Daredevil Star Shares Iconic Scene Earlier than Born Once more Filming Begins

With Agatha: Chaos Coven set to begin filming in a matter of weeks, Daredevil: Born Once More finds itself as a later Marvel Studios sequel to begin production. The latest reviews of the Charlie Cox-directed series could be film in New York for many of 2023. Shortly after the news broke, Cox’s costar Vincent D’Onofrio shared one of his most memorable scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the festival.

The scene in question is a daring fan who will remember it fondly. Within the final moments of the show’s first season, Kingpin (D’Onofrio) Daredevil is send to prison after he delivers an unforgivable monologue about being an excellent Samaritan. The beloved villain then plans his escape, managing to free himself briefly from his police escort. D’Onofrio badly shared the clip with no caption or post-track quote.


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