47 arrested after Hindu- Muslim?

Britain: 47 arrested after Hindu- Muslim,

Last night UK local police arrested 47 people after a fight broke out between Hindu and Muslim youths. This is not first-time. Many time people were arrested due to violence between two sides in the city of Leicester. The fight started with the Aug 28 cricket match between India & Pakistan in Dubai in Asia Cup.

About 37% of the population of the city of Leicester, in the Midland of England,Most of them are Indian origin. In this incident 14 people were injured. When police try to stop the youths from both sides from attacking each other on Saturday also police dog was injured in this case.

Temporary Chief Constable Rob Nixon was posted in Queen Funrel. But after getting information about the fighting between the two sides The Policemen were removed from there.


police have said that Saturday’s uproar started with a protest that was not allowed, after this 100 people participated in another protest on Sunday. However, the police say that no untoward incident has been reported during the demonstration on Sunday.

Local people’s reactions

Dharmesh Lakhani, A restaurant owner in the violence Belgrave Road of Leicester. Says we are worried about our coworkers, our employees, and our customers. They said they are too scared after this they are canceling their booking after this incident. All this is very disturbing for the people of the city. Dharmesh Lakhani course inflation his restaurant is going through a very challenging phase due to this crisis. He said that ” The police were struggling a lot to stop this violence and I am very sad to see this in my city. Along with this, he said to improve the situation and established peace in Leicester, there’s a need to negotiate and accept each other between the two sides.

Britain Police
Leicester police


Yasmin Surti has also been living in Leicester, for the last 40 years like Dharmesh Lakhani.

according to her ‘ Communities of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Black people have been living together here for years and this has never happened here after this we are very saddened and worried to see our city like this.

Ahmed who spent his childhood in this area. also seems to be agree with Dhrmesh and Yasmin. He says that ‘people living int the effected areas are under stress and this should not happen.

The police and the civilian try to keep situation in normal they showed their community for each their and give an example those who fought each others.

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