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is graham Wardle married, Graham Wardle, a Canadian actor, filmmaker, and photographer. He is best known for his role on Heartland’s long-running CBC series. People wanted to know if Graham Wardle was married. Continue reading to find out about Graham Wardle’s bio, net worth, height, age, children, and family.

Graham Wardle is married or Not?

Graham and Allison were married in 2015 but their union ended in 2018. In a Facebook Live Q&A, Graham opened up about his split with Allison. A fan had asked about Allison’s health and how they spent their time in quarantine. Graham said that he and Allison have now separated and that they had made the decision to separate two years ago, but kept it secret for privacy reasons. Graham also deleted all Allison photos from his Instagram account. At the moment, no information is available to indicate that Graham is currently in a relationship.

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Graham Wardle bio

Graham Wardle was born in Mission (British Columbia) and grew up near Vancouver in New Westminster with his five siblings. He attended Capilano University, Vancouver and graduated in 2007 from their Motion Picture and Production Program. His career began with TV commercials. He was cast in the 2007 film “In the Land of Women” with Meg Ryan, Adam Brody and was also chosen to play Ty Borden on the CBC series “Heartland.” For his performances in “Heartland’s” episodes “Summer’s End”, and “The Starting Gate”, he was nominated to two LEO Awards. He also appeared in the horror movie “Yesterday”, the movie “Mon Ami”, the TV series “Supernatural” and the SyFy movie, “Grave Halloween.” Wardle quit Heartland in 2020 at the beginning of its 14th season. He felt it was time to pursue new opportunities.

Wardle also produced “The Vessel” (2012) and co-founded Lone Maverick in 2013, a movie production and entertainment company. He hosts the podcast “Time has Come” where he shares his personal journeys and experiences with stepping out of their comfort zone and into unknown territory.

Graham Wardle Family

Graham was the son of Allan Wardle (father) and Debbie Wardle (mother). He was raised in Vancouver, Canada with five of his siblings. In 2015, he married Allison, his long-term girlfriend. In 2015, he married his longtime girlfriend Allison. They split in 2018. Many sources don’t have any information on his children.

Age of Graham Wardle

Age is just a way to describe people. People are curious to find out the age of those they like on social media. Graham Wardle was born in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A on August 18, 1975. He is now 47 years old. This information comes from Celebrity Net Worth.

Height of Graham Wardle

Graham Wardle is a great body shape and is fit and healthy. He is very conscious of his health. We all know that healthy food and diet plans can increase our life expectancy. Graham Wardle Height, 5 ft 11 inches according to multiple sources

Net worth of Graham Wardle 

Net worth is the only way to determine if someone is successful. People want to learn more about the net worth of their favorite celebrities and stars. Graham Wardle’s net worth is estimated at $3 million according to multiple sources as of 2023.

Graham Wardle Bio

Specifications Details
Name Graham Wardle
Profession Actress
Age 36 years old
D.O.B September 6, 1986
Birthplace Mission, British Columbia Canada
Spouse Allison Wardle (m.2015; div. 2018)
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Mixed(English,Italian)
Parents Allan Wardle (Father).Debbie Wardle (Mother).
Height 5 ft 11 inches
Weight 76 kg
Net worth $3,000,000


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