Is Nadia Pregnant With Aka Baby? Does Nadia Nakai Have A Child? When Did Aka And Nadia Start Dating? Nadia Nakai And Aka Relationship!{2023}

Is Nadia Pregnant With Aka Baby

Is Nadia pregnant with Aka baby, The Zimbabwean-South African singer Nadia Nakai Dlamini Many people are curious about whether Nadia pregnant with an AKA baby. Nadia is well-known for her role on the Netflix reality show that is the original Young, Famous & African and the fans of Nadia are asking if Nadia expecting AKA baby. If you’re interested to find out if Nadia pregnant with an AKA baby, then continue reading until the final.

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Nadia Pregnant With Aka Baby?

Is Nadia Pregnant With Aka Baby, Nadia Nakai Dlamini is a Zimbabwean and South African-born rapper, as well as a TV host, she was hosting shows from 2021 on and the very first series of the Channel O’s Gen-Z South Africa television program and in 2022 she was a guest on the Netflix reality show Young, Famous & African. The well-known South African rapper AKA who’s real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes was confirmed to be dead on February 10 2023. Many have been sending condolences via Twitter and have also been disseminating stories that Nadia is pregnant and that the baby will be belonging the same family as AKA as well as Nadia Nakai. However, Nadia Nakai had neither claimed nor denied the fact that she was pregnant with an AKA baby.

Does Nadia Nakai have any kids?

Is Nadia Pregnant With Aka Baby, After watching AKA and his partner Nadia Nakai address their relationship during a recent episode of the SABC’s The Insider SA on Monday of the week before, many viewers were crying. The couple talked about their plans for the future during the interview. Nadia spoke in her interview, that she would like to have a baby together with the rapper AKA. Unfortunately, as we can see via The Thesouthafrican website AKA 37, who was killed outside of an Durban restaurant on Friday, 10 February this week. The Grammy-winning singer had just eaten with his pals and was waiting outside the restaurant when a gunman walked up to the rapper and shot his head. Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, AKA’s former manager, also passed away in the same accident. Also, Nadia Nakai does not have any children at present.

When Did Aka And Nadia Start Dating?

Based on the Citizen website, rapper Nadia Nakai and her late lover, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes were not afraid to show their affection publicly. Nadia admits that they first met when she appeared on AKA in the magazine Icon in 2013, which was more than 10 years back. They’ve been friends for the past year. The Insider SA episode where Aka and Nadia are making mac & cheese, they cook together. Through the entire video, AKA and Nadia can be seen laughing and smiling when they talk about their love for Asian food. Nadia affirms that AKA prepared the perfect bok choy dinner for her on their first date. The date was held at his house in a candlelit meal.

Who Is Nadia Nakai?

A TV and Rapper Nadia Nakai Dlamini is of Zimbabwean and South African descent. She was an South African native. Her mother hails from Zimbabwe and her father hails originally from South Africa. Her surname changed from her father’s name to her mother’s at sixteen years old. Nakai was a student for a year in Fourways High School in Johannesburg prior to completing her education in Kenya. She then went on to Monash University in Johannesburg to earn a degree in communication, marketing media studies, and marketing. Nakai hosted the debut series of the GenZ South Africa television show on Channel O in 2021, and in June, she resigned from Family Tree Records to start her own business. In 2022 Nakai was a guest on Young, Famous & African reality show, which is an original Netflix original.

Who Was AKA?

AKA The rapper, whose real name was Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, his real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. He was a talented artist who hails from South Africa who was born there on the 28th of January 1988. He gained fame due to his release of the first track, “Victory Lap,” from his self-titled debut album 2010. He continues to release highly acclaimed studio albums through the years, including Bhovamania (2020), Touch My Blood (2018), and Levels (2014). AKA also worked together with Anatii for the release of Be careful what you wish for (2017). AKA was an exclusive celebrity during WWE Live events in Johannesburg and Cape Town in 2018. AKA was also the host of an Comedy Central Roast special in 2019.

However, according to information via on the Thesouthafrican website AKA 35 was shot to death in front of an Durban restaurant on Friday, the 10th of February, the last week. The Grammy-winning artist had just eaten with his pals and was standing in front of the restaurant when a gunman walked up to his body and struck AKA in the head. Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, AKA’s former manager too, was killed in the same accident.

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