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Is Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested, Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested It is believed there is a possibility that Taylor Frankie Paul was arrested for domestic violence allegations and everybody is looking for Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested. Find out more in this article Is Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested and find out all the information about her.

Who Is Taylor Frankie Paul?

Is Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested, a Tiktoker was born on May 23, 1994 in Utah. She is famous for the videos she posts on TikTok which has earned her 4 million users.

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Taylor Frankie Paul gained attention when she revealed that her divorce was connected to her and Tate’s involvement in soft swinging within members of the Mormon “MomTok” community. Tate had been her husband for a while. Tate claimed both she and the husband she had were acquaintances with whom they had close relationships, but not entirely with one other.

Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested or Not?

Is Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested, a Mormon influencer, was detained for alleged domestic violence according to in a Reddit post. The report isn’t confirmed.

The drama is continuing with Taylor Frankie Paul was arrested for alleged domestic violence. According to reports, Taylor attended an evening galentine’s celebration where guests dressed in they were their “type,” according to this TikTok video. There were also discussions in a different TikTok which detailed the events that happened on the night.

This information isn’t completely confirmed.

Boyfriend of Taylor Frankie Paul 

Taylor announced her new partner, Dakota Mortensen, in July 2022. Dakota Mortensen is a businessman from Caldwell, Idaho.

is Taylor Frankie Paul in Jail

yes According to reports, Taylor Frankie Paul was arrested for domestic violence alleged charges. Taylor Frankie Paul, the celebrity, was born May 23, 1994 in Utah. Dakota is an executive who hails from Caldwell, Idaho. He’s been candid about his struggle with addiction. His Instagram describes himself as an “recovering addict.”

Dakota also appeared to podcasts to discuss his current journey. His career spans the transition from a TV host to a business owner. Dakota is also certified real estate broker.

Instagram of Taylor Paul

Taylor Frankie Paul is a well-known TikTok creator, mostly well-known for her content on her prior wedding to Tate Paul and their cause for divorce.

After they confirmed their split on TikTok, Taylor Frankie Paul announced that she is dating an alleged new boyfriend.

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