Is Yeyeii .com Scam Or Legit (Oct 2022 ) Check The Details Here!

Is Yeyeii .com Scam Or Legit

Are you looking for Yeeyii Reviews? You are at right place. We have tried to show real face of so you will be cooperative about call whether it is a scam or a trustworthy online store. You will only be forced to scan our page to find out the reality.

Yeeyeii is suspected of being misleading for the following reasons:

  • Since it has used the Amazon symbol for its web site, and has no affiliation with Amazon, it has embezzled the Amazon brand. It has not abused Amazon’s brand at the time of review. However, it may misuse a more complete one and change its web site description in future as many scam websites do the same.
  • The parent company “Bin Estrella GmbH” is found to have many scams and difficult to access websites. Our web site contains a list of websites that use this parent company. It has Bin Estrella GmbH as its parent company, although it may modify its address and name in the future. There area unit several similar sites
  • It sells bulk merchandise just like Amazon World On-Line Wholesale Palette, with product descriptions similar to many scam websites.
  • You can find many merchandise available in huge quantity on this website. These types of sales area units are common on scam websites to attract people to their scams.
  • There area unit several details on the web site. the web site theme matches multiple scam websites.
  • It has provided fake social media icons at its bottom which take you to the home page of various sites after clicking on it. Instead of directing you to social media pages, profiles or teams related to its business, it did so.
  • There area unit Many online retailers selling similar merchandise have complaints regarding product quality, delivery time and customer service



We can be sure that Yeyeii Online Search is back by facts.

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