Jaya Kishori Live: Jaya Kishori will start satsang in Sirsa from this day

Jaya Kishori Live: Jaya Kishori will begin satsang in Sirsa from this day, let every one of the fans in on that the talk of Nana Bai’s Mayre Katha will be finished in Tara Baba’s cottage in Sirsa locale of Haryana.

Tara Baba’s hovel is on Raniyan Street.

All of you realize that the period of Sawan has a place with Mahadev, the Lord of Divine beings. As indicated by the Panchang, the month to month Shivratri quick is seen on the Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of Sawan month. Mahadev and Parvati are adored for this present month.

In the interim, from 29th July to second August, the talk of Nani Bai’s Mayre Katha will be done which will be finished by Jaya Kishori. A gathering has been held in the hovel with respect to this. Which was led by the central worker of the cottage, Govind Kanda.

Jaya Kishori will teach Nani Bai’s Myro Katha (Jaya Kishori Live)-

Gobind Kanda has said that Shri Baba Tara Ji achieved salvation on 27th July 2003 on Shivratri of Sawan month (Jaya Kishori Live). He was brought into the world on Shivratri which falls in Falgun month.

Thus, occasions are coordinated in Tara Baba’s cottage on Shivratri. This time likewise the long stretch of Sawan has begun from 22nd July. In the mean time, Katha will be held in Tara Baba’s cottage from 29th July to 31st July.

Bhajan Sandhya will be coordinated till first August according to God’s will-

Nani Bai’s Myro Katha will be taught by Jaya Kishori. The hour of Katha will be from 3 pm to 7 pm in Tara Baba’s cottage. Alongside this, Bhajan Sandhya will likewise be coordinated on first August from 8 pm till God’s will.

Vocalist Hansarat Raghuvanshi will sing the commendations of the Bhajan Sandhya (Jaya Kishori Live). Then on second August, there will be a Havan Yagna in the cabin in the first part of the day and an immense gala will likewise be coordinated. It is mentioned that however many fans as could reasonably be expected come and pay attention to the story.

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