{update}Jmu Students Car Crash: Know The Students Involved In The Car Accident?

Jmu Students Car Crash, This article contains information about the JMU Student Car Crash, West Virginia. This article also contains information about the student’s overall health.

It is possible that JMU students were involved in the fatal collision. What caused the collision Who was the passenger in this car? JMU students died in a car accident in West Virginia. Find out more about the JMU Students Car Crash.

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What happened to the accident with the students?

Jmu Students Car Crash, Three students from James Madison University (JMU) were killed in a terrible car accident in West Virginia. It occurred Thursday night. Five students were in the same vehicle. Three of the students who were in the vehicle died. Two other students suffered serious injuries and were admitted in serious condition to the hospital.

What if there is an accident?

Jmu Students Car Crash, On February 2, a single-vehicle collision occurred near West Virginia at the Virginia border. Both of the passengers suffered severe injuries. Virginia Route 259.

Virginia’s southbound car ran off the highway and hit a tree. Three students and five others were killed in the accident. Both the driver and another passenger sustained serious injuries and were taken to hospital. According to the Hardy County Sheriff’s Report, both are in critical condition. Two students are listed in critical condition and have life-threatening injuries. All five of the students who were in the car were aged 19 or older.

JMU students killed after being hit by a car

Jmu Students Car Crash, The tragic accident that took place to a JMU student has deeply affected everyone. Tim Miller, vice president of JMU University student affairs, released a letter to confirm these details. This letter is to confirm the details and verify the student’s status in order for local authorities and their families to be informed.

The student’s family reported the accident to university authorities.

JMU Car Accident February 2023

The university sent out another notice at 4:30 informing students about the accident.

The accident resulted in the deaths of three students.

  • John Luke Fergusson is a sophomore at Richmond studying media arts and design.
  • Nicholas Troutman is a Richmond sophomore studying business management
  • Joshua Mardis is a sophomore in communication studies here at Williamsburg

Three students were also named Dukes by the university. Everyone is deeply sorry for the loss and offers their condolences. Two other JMU Students Car Crash Students were also hurt and taken to the hospital.

Car accident

According to the Hardy County Sheriff’s JMU Office the road was in good shape at the time of accident. It was also nighttime.

No signs were posted on the road surface to indicate skid marks or yaw lines. It indicates slippery action, but no animal crossing signs.

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Last Conversation

Three JUM college students died in an accident in Virginia with a tree. Students at JMU Car Crash: All of us across the nation are deeply saddened by the death of this student.

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