{KNOW ABOUT}Notti Fight Video: how did he Die?{2023}

Notti Fight Video

Notti Fight Video, This article will give you all the details about the latest updates to Notti Fight Video.

Are you familiar enough with the story of Notti Osama? Have you seen his fight video? Unfortunately, Notti Osama was officially declared dead on the 9th July 2022. Recent internet information revealed that Notti Osama had died. Americans are eager to learn more about the viral video. Continue reading to learn more about the viral Notti Fight Video.

What is the recent update for Notti Osama?

Notti Fight Video, Notti Osama was a New York-based drill rap artist aged 14. He was then murdered. Sources claim that he was murdered by his rival 15-year-old music producer on the 9th July 2022. Tiktok claims that this occurred in New York’s subway station. Notti was involved with a rival musician. Police later arrested the 15-year-old boy responsible for Notti’s murder.

It was many months ago. It is possible that readers are wondering why we are explaining it now. Just a few days ago, a new video was discovered on the internet. The video was posted by DD Osama to his Instagram account. It showed that Notti was fighting another person.

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Disclaimer This is an informative article that does not endorse violence.

What happened to Notti Osama?

Notti Fight Video, Notti Osama was allegedly involved in a fight against a rival musician. Sources claim that Notti Osama was killed in a rap battle. YouTube also displayed this. Notti was well-known for his drill rapping. Sources claim that Notti was involved with drill rapping during a rap battle. The rival pulled out a knife to stab Notti. Reddit made this viral.

Shortly after, police arrived on the scene and arrested the suspect in Notti’s death. The boy was taken into police custody and charged with first-degree murder and criminal possession. Unalive Notti, the boy’s identity was not revealed by the police. Many of Notti’s friends and family were at the candlelight ceremony held in Manhattan.

Final discussion

This final post will contain all information regarding the death Notti Osama. We want to stress that we do not support violence. This link will provide more information about Notti Osama

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