Sirsa Crime: Sirsa youth who went with friends murdered in Rajasthan, know the whole matter

Sirsa Crime: Sirsa youth who went with companions killed in Rajasthan, know the entire matter Considering the rising wrongdoing in Haryana, the police organization is locked in.

Regardless of the presence of police, instances of homicide, burglary, emancipate request are becoming exposed from each spot (Sirsa Wrongdoing). As of late, an instance of homicide of a young people of Sirsa region has become visible. Have some familiarity with the entire matter-

It has been discovered that this young living in town Kainrawali of Sirsa locale had an adoration marriage 1 to 1.5 a long time back.

It is being informed that the police has enrolled an instance of homicide of 26-year-old Sameep (Sirsa Wrongdoing). Move will be made on this matter as quickly as time permits.

Sameep’s last assertion (Sirsa Wrongdoing)

Sameep went out 2 days prior saying that I am going out with my companions. Following day when relatives got some information about his whereabouts, Sameep disengaged the call saying that he will be home soon. After this call Sameep’s telephone was turned off.

Police tracked down the body of a young from Gusaiyana town in Nithrana, a town in Rajasthan. Police organization arrived at there on getting the data. Subsequent to looking through close to the body, police saw as lighter and alcohol bottles lying close by.

It is being informed that this young (Sirsa Wrongdoing) consumed alcohol with his companions and during that time, because of a squabble between them, the companions together killed the young.

Police found the name Suman composed on the hand of the adolescent. At the point when the relatives of this dead body came to be familiar with this, they arrived at the police headquarters.

Police has given this body for posthumous (Sirsa Wrongdoing). The genuine explanation can be discovered solely after the report.

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