Thief steals Lana Del Rey’s laptop with unheard tracks and 200 page book manuscript {oct 2022}

In an Instagram live video the singer begged her fans not to pay attention to any of the music, some of which has been spilled via online entertainment.

Lana Del Rey
in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

Lana Del Rey has uncovered a PC containing tunes from her forthcoming collection and a 200 page book composition was taken from her vehicle in a raving success and get.

Lana Del Rey

The 37-year-old singer addressed her fans in a since erased Instagram live clasp saying her vehicle had been broken into on Melrose Road in Los Angeles a couple of months prior.

The hoodlums crushed every one of the windows and grabbed a backpack containing her PC, numerous hard drives, and a camcorder.

She said: “The one time I left my rucksack inside my vehicle, somebody broke every one of the windows and took it.

“I needed to remotely wipe the PC that had my 200-page book for Simon and Schuster – which I didn’t have upheld on the cloud.

“Also, in spite of that, individuals are as yet ready to remotely get to my telephone and release our melodies and individual photographs. I cherished the book that I lost with my entire being and placed a great deal of enthusiasm into it.

“I simply need to specify that in spite of this occurrence, I’m all positive about the record to come – regardless of so many well-being factors at such countless various levels. I truly need to persevere and make the best record I can.”

The singer added that she was “certain” the book and the collection will ultimately be delivered, yet that she needs to actually “begin once again” with the two ventures.

She proceeded to ask fans not to pay attention to the taken record saying, “kindly don’t pay attention to the music assuming you hear it, since it’s not emerging yet.”

“Clearly I will not at any point leave anything in the vehicle once more, regardless of whether it’s only briefly,” she added. “However, we’ve had similar issues at the house, and it is something consistent. What’s more, despite the fact that I’m so thankful to have the option to share the entirety of the great stuff, I just likewise need to share that it has been a test.”

The singer, who previously hit the standard in 2012 with the collection Destined to Pass on, delivered two collections last year, Blue Handrails and Chemtrails Over the Nation Club.

Tragically being a casualty of this kind of wrongdoing is the same old thing for Del Rey who was had assets taken over the Christmas period in 2019.

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