Today Weather: Heavy rain will occur in these 20 cities including Sirsa, Hisar, Chandigarh, IMD gave information

Today Weather: Weighty downpour will happen in these 20 urban areas including Sirsa, Hisar, Chandigarh, IMD allowed data Nowadays the impact of rainstorm is noticeable in Haryana.

The Meteorological Office (Today Climate) has given a caution in these areas. It is being informed that there is plausible of tempest alongside weighty downpour here. How about we know the atmospheric condition

Weather conditions will change here of Haryana-(Today Climate)

Today the weather conditions will change here of Haryana. Mists are cloudy in many parts since morning. It is likewise pouring extremely quick in Hisar.

As per the data got, weighty downpour will go on in Haryana (Today Climate) today. There is plausible of downpour for 4 back to back days. The impacts of downpour can likewise be seen in Jind and Sirsa locale in the following 3 to 4 hours. Downpour cautions are being given when the rainstorm thumps. It is coming down vigorously in Hisar and Ambala earlier today (Today Climate). The Meteorological Division has expressed that there is serious areas of strength for an of weighty downpour in the approaching not many hours.

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