Two women eating strawberries with their feet in viral video will shock you

The video of two ladies eating strawberries with their feet might have stunned and shocked many, however it has likewise shown us a few significant examples carrying on with a straightforward existence.

In this day and age, virtual entertainment has turned into an amazing asset for getting out the word, diversion, and viral substance. Consistently, we see incalculable recordings and pictures that catch our consideration and make us snicker, cry, or now and again even shock us. Notwithstanding, among all the viral substance out there, some really stick out and leave an enduring effect on our brains. One such video that has been making adjusts on the web as of late is of two ladies eating strawberries with their feet.

Indeed, you read that right. Sitting in a public spot, two ladies gobble strawberries by getting them with their feet. The video has gathered a ton of consideration and has ignited different responses from individuals. Some have thought that it is amusing and have imparted it to their loved ones, while others have been stunned and, surprisingly, sickened by it. However, what is it about this video that has created such a ruckus? Also, what could we at any point gain from it?

Right off the bat, we should investigate the actual video. In the short clasp, two ladies sit on a part of a tree and they are nonchalantly eating strawberries with their feet, chuckling and living it up. Instagram client Alexia Kraft de la Saulx posted the video and the subtitle of the post is, “Basic joys: eating strawberries with our feet with @_annarebecca Keeping life lively, investigating better approaches for eating without our hands.”

From the outset, this might appear to be an unusual or even gross demonstration. Yet, we should dig further and attempt to grasp the message behind it. These two ladies are agreeable in their skin and couldn’t care less about others’ thought process of them. They are proudly interestingly partaking in their strawberries, without stressing over cultural standards or assumptions. As it were, they are opposing the conventional principles of eating and testing individuals’ discernments about what is thought of “typical” or “adequate.”

In addition, this video likewise features the significance of breaking cultural generalizations and standards. We experience a daily reality such that specific exercises or ways of behaving are considered proper for a particular orientation.

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