What is Congress’ strategy for the post of Deputy Speaker in Lok Sabha? What is Rahul’s game plan?

Parliament Session: The issue of deputy speaker is being raised amidst the formation of the 18th Lok Sabha of the country. In fact, the post of deputy speaker was vacant during the entire tenure of the 17th Lok Sabha.

Parliament Session: There was a lot of uproar over the post of the 18th Lok Sabha Speaker. Amidst all this, the NDA elected Om Birla as the Speaker by voice vote. But there is still doubt over the Deputy Speaker. Actually, the election of the Deputy Speaker has not been held yet and the Congress has performed very well in this Lok Sabha election. In such a situation, the Congress wants that this post should be given to an opposition MP.
In the 17th Lok Sabha, the Modi government had kept the post of Deputy Speaker vacant, but this time the Congress is adamant on making one of its leaders the Deputy Speaker. In such a situation, the question arises that why is the Congress adamant for this post.
However, in the 16th Lok Sabha, this post was given to AIADMK’s M Thambidurai. The post of Deputy Speaker remained with the opposition till the 16th Lok Sabha It is worth noting that till Wednesday morning the Congress kept saying that if the BJP is ready to give the post of Deputy Speaker to the opposition, then it will withdraw the nomination of its candidate for the Lok Sabha Speaker, but no such offer came from the BJP. Whereas, from the sixth Lok Sabha to the 16th Lok Sabha, the post of Deputy Speaker has been with the opposition. Know what rights does the Deputy Speaker have?
While assuming office in the absence of the Lok Sabha Speaker, the Deputy Speaker has the same rights as the Speaker. In such a situation, if the Speaker wants to step down from his post, he has to submit his resignation to the Deputy Speaker. Apart from this, under Article 95 of the Constitution, when the post of Speaker is vacant or the Speaker is not present in the House, the Deputy Speaker fulfills the responsibilities of the Speaker of the House. At that time, the Deputy Speaker has all the powers that a Speaker has. This includes maintaining discipline and decorum in the House and the power to punish a member after suspending him for misbehavior. How is the Deputy Speaker elected? The date for the election of the Deputy Speaker is decided by the Speaker. The election for this post usually takes place in the second session.
However, there is no restriction on holding elections in the first session of the new Lok Sabha as well. The Deputy Speaker is elected in the same manner as the Speaker. This means that the party needs a majority to make its candidate the deputy speaker. But, there is a tradition of electing the deputy speaker of Lok Sabha from the opposition. Congress was in majority in the Lok Sabha formed in 2009. Still, BJP MP Karia Munda became the deputy speaker.

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