Is Balasalle .Top Scam Or Legit (Oct) Check The Details Here!

Is Balasalle .Top Scam Or Legit

Hello guys, welcome to Review. The season of sales is coming soon and it is important to check any new online store before using it. If you have doubts about the legitimacy of the site then you have arrived at the right article. After observing this website, we found various red flags on it. So, let’s start the Balasalle review without any delay.

Questions that people generally asked are, is Balasalle a scam site? or is Balasalle legit store? It is good to ask and suspect an online store that is young, unknown and offers lucrative deals.

We urge you to read the article to the end and learn the modus operandi of the fake website. Also, share this knowledge with others and familiarise them with such scams.


What is Balasalle?

Balasalle is an eCommerce store selling different types of wall decorate, kitchen ware and other related accessories. According to its website, It is the world’s premier sneaker marketplace.

“We’re founded and staffed by sneaker connoisseurs with deep histories in the products we sell. We make it easier to buy and sell premium wall decorate, kitchenware, and accessories.”

These same lines we have read on various other fake websites are mentioned below. The real question we should ask ourself, the company which are using fake content will deliver the right product. In our experience, either this site doesn’t send the product or will send something awfully useless thing.

Specification: Balasalle Reviews

  1. Site name-There are many scams and difficult sites found to use parent company “HARIO commerce CO. LIMITED”. When looking for a banned HARIO commerce company on our web site, one can refer to a list of web sites that use this parent company. It has given its original name to HARIO Commerce Company Limited. However, it may amend its address and name in the future as many sites use similar names.
  2. E-mail Address -Its email address is “”, which may be a free address, although it doesn’t have a website..
  3. Many of the alternate descriptions on the Web site, as well as its theme, match many of the problematic websites.
  4. Searching for a social media icon that links to a social media page related to a business is unforgivable. Legitimate online retailers sometimes supply social media icons that link to their pages, groups or profiles on social media. It should not be circulated on social media.
  5. There are many online retailers that sell similar merchandise that have complaints about product quality, delivery times, and customer service.


Balasalle High associate level has a suspicious online look.

You can leave a comment about Corporate below. You will share this review with your family and friends through your social media accounts so that they can understand this online store.

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