Job Opportunities and Cloud Architect Salary for Professional Certificate Holders {2023}

Complete Information Job Openings and Cloud Architect Salary for Professional Cert Holders Complete Information Job Opportunity and Cloud-Architect Salary For Professional Certificate Holders

You have made the decision to specialize in cloud applications. Cloud Architecture Certifications can help you improve your career prospects. Cloud architects are becoming more sought-after because the market is booming. It is a great time for cloud architects to begin their career.

This article can answer your questions about the salary of a cloud architect or the highest-paying jobs for cloud architects. Let’s see the cloud architect  jobs that you have achieved with this certification. Let’s first understand cloud computing.


Cloud computing has revolutionized every sector of the global platform, lowering operating costs and increasing efficiency. Cloud computing services offer state-of the-art technology and tools to help IT companies achieve better performance. Instead of having to buy, maintain, and maintain physical servers, cloud computing services offer different services over the internet.

The Cloud Architect certification promises professionals that it will turn their skills into success and help organizations achieve their goals. However, there are many factors that affect the salary of a cloud architect, such as company, education, experience, and location.

These factors will be briefly discussed.

Factors that affect a Cloud Architect’s salary

Let’s take a look at the different factors that impact a cloud architect’s salary.

  • Experience

    With a professional certification from AWS or Google, you can move up the career ladder. The number of years of work experience is important. Experience gained through hands-on work can lead to strong leadership and technical skills as well as collaboration abilities.

  • A Solution Cloud Architect Entry-Level professional can make up to $90 607 per year with just one year experience.
  • An experienced mid-level Solutions Architect can make up to $118,302 per year.
  • An average annual salary for a senior professional with over 10 years of experience in cloud computing can be $146,628.

Industry sector

Cloud computing services have been adopted by many industries around the world, as we’ve already mentioned. Cloud architect jobs aren’t just for IT companies. They also have their presence in finance, healthcare, real estate and insurance.

To improve their operations, companies that hire cloud architects professionals will offer higher salaries.

Education and Skill

Cloud architects are known for their strong hiring criteria. This includes the professional’s education and skill set. Hiring managers and employers look for a variety of basic and advanced skills. This includes knowledge of Python and interpersonal skills. This will give you a competitive advantage in attracting high-paying jobs.

An average annual salary for a mid-level professional with Machine Learning skills is $129,000
A professional Python-skilled worker can also earn as much as $125,000 per year.
An average annual salary for a Solutions Architect with Big Data Analytics Skills is 1,26,213
To be able to stand out from the crowd, professionals should have a background either in electrical engineering or computer science. Many companies will also consider candidates who have a master’s degree.


Cloud architects will be paid more by top companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple than any other company. An AWS-certified cloud architect can earn $142,456 per year.

This article will help you understand what your financial future as a cloud architect certified. Next, let’s look at cloud architect job openings that might come our way.

Cloud Architects High-paying Jobs

Cloud Computing Jobs And Salary

Below is a list listing the jobs that cloud architects can apply for based on their online certifications from AWS, Microsoft and Google.

Cloud Developer

One of the most sought-after jobs is that of a cloud developer. A cloud developer’s main responsibility is to understand how cloud systems work with minimal or no downtime. A certificate will allow you to advance your career by gaining knowledge in both software development and AWS platform professionals.

Network & Cloud Architect

Monitoring the network with the most recent tools is the responsibility of IT professionals. They also plan, organize, and manage the overall company’s cloud computing strategy and infrastructure.

Network architects make an average salary of $1,20,985.

Cloud Security Analyst

A cloud security analyst’s primary role is to protect their clients’ cloud accounts from unauthorized access, encrypted and protect cloud-based data assets. Cloud security candidates who are certified will stay abreast of the most recent security and technology developments and be able to address cyber security threats.

Cloud Database Administrator

Administrators may be responsible for supporting and managing cloud infrastructure. Organizations value these professionals because they can identify and report security issues in databases. An average salary for a senior database administrator in the United States is $115,415 per year.

Computer System Analyst

Computer systems analysts are responsible for helping businesses transition to cloud services smoothly. Systems analysts are hired by organizations to help them adopt cloud technology, understand and adapt the new processes and procedures. An average annual base salary for systems analysts is $ 82 390.

Final words

Cloud computing is reliable and effective. Cloud computing has increased companies’ profits by increasing their cloud computing usage. This means that there is a lot of potential for future cloud architect jobs and salaries.

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