{Know about}Who are Shaine Casas Parents? Where are Shaine Casas Parents From? What is the nationality of Shine Casas parents?

Who are Shaine Casas Parents

Who are Shaine Casas Parents, an American professional swimmer, is the person to whom you should refer. This article will tell you more about Shaine Casas parents and Shaine Casas’ biography.

Who are the parents of Shaine Casas

Who are Shaine Casas Parents, an American professional swimmer, was born 25 December 1999. People are always eager to learn about their favorite celebrities’ personal lives, so Shaine Casas’s Parents is the most searched topic online. Let’s find out more about Shaine Casas’ parents in this article.

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Our latest research shows that Monica Epling and James Epling are Shaine’s parents.

Name Shaine Casas
Profession American professional swimmer
Father James Epling
Mother Monica Epling
Shaine Casas Nationality American

Who is Shaine Casas

Who are Shaine Casas Parents, a professional swimmer in the United States, is Shaine. In 2019, he won the NCAA title in 200-yard backstroke. This was his first national recognition. Casas has been dominating the sport ever since, and he was selected to the U.S. Olympic Team for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. He has set numerous records and won many titles in his short career.

Biography Shaine Casas

Shaine Casas was raised in San Diego, California. He was a McAllen High School student, and there he made his first splash in the swimming world. Casas won many state championships and set numerous records during high school. He graduated from high school and went on to Texas A&M University where he set more records.

Casas was crowned the NCAA champion in the 200-yard backstroke in 2019. This confirmed his position as one of the most talented swimmers in the country. He has set new records and won numerous titles since then, including a gold medal at the U.S. Olympic Trials in the 100-meter backstroke.

Age of Shaine Casas 

Shaine Casas was 23 years old as of 2023. He was born 25 December 1999 in San Diego, California. Casas is a young swimmer who has achieved great success despite his youth. He broke records and won championships at the college and professional levels.

Height & Weight of Shaine Casas 

Shaine Casas is well-known for his muscular and tall physique. This is an advantage in swimming. He is 6’4″ (1.93m) tall and he weighs in at 205 pounds (93 kgs). Casas is a tall and heavy swimmer. His physical attributes and incredible swimming skills make him an intimidating figure in the pool.

Early life of Shaine Casas:

Casas was the son of James and Monica Epling. He was born in McAllen in the southernmost region of Texas. He was a McAllen High School student, and he began his swimming career there as a swimmer on the school’s swim team. Casas was a natural swimmer and quickly rose to the top of the team.


Shaine Casas is an American. Shaine Casas was raised in San Diego (California), United States. He was born in McAllen in the southernmost region of Texas.

Shaine Casas Nationality:

Shaine Casas is an American citizen. He was born in Texas and has represented the United States at international swimming competitions. Casas has represented the United States at many major international events including the FINA World Champs and Pan American Games.

Shaine Casas Religion:

Shaine Casas has not spoken publicly about his religious beliefs. He was a Texas A&M University student and has been involved with many community service programs. This includes volunteering at a church. Casas, regardless of his religious beliefs, is well-known for his dedication and hard work. This has earned him the respect of both his fellow swimmers as well as his fans.

Shaine Casas, an American swimmer who has achieved great success, is an inspirational story. Casas, despite facing many obstacles in his life, including a serious injury during his career, has not given up on his dream to become a world-class swimmer. He is today considered to be one of the best swimmers in the country and continues to inspire others with his talent, dedication and positive attitude.

Career of Shaine Casas:

Casas started his college swimming career in 2018 at Texas A&M University. He set school records for the 200-yard individual Medley and 100-yard Backstroke during his freshman year. His sophomore year was a great one. He won the 2020 SEC Men’s Swimming Champion of the Year award, and set the American record for the 100-yard backstroke in 43.87 seconds.

Casas competed in international competitions in addition to his college career. He won two gold medals as well as one silver medal at the 2019 World University Games, Naples, Italy. Although he didn’t make the final team, he qualified for the 2021 US Olympic Trials at four events.

Achievements of Shaine Casas:

Even though he is only 20 years old, Shaine Casas’ accomplishments in swimming are remarkable. He has won numerous medals at both the international and national levels, including the silver medal at 2018 Summer Youth Olympics. He has also won many titles at the NCAA and SEC levels, breaking records and setting new barriers.

Casas’s American record for the 100-yard backstroke in the 100 yard distance was set in February 2020. This is one of Casas’s most remarkable achievements. This time is second fastest in history, surpassing Ryan Murphy’s 43.49 seconds world record. Casas also broke the SEC record multiple times in the same event.

Awards of Shaine Casas:

For his achievements in the pool, Shaine Casas has been awarded numerous recognitions and awards. He was named to the All-SEC First Team and All-American First Teams, as well as the 2020 SEC Men’s Swimming Champion of the Year.

Casas was also a finalist in the 2020-21 Honda Sports Award Swimming and Diving. This award is presented annually to the best women athletes in 12 NCAA sanctioned sports. Although he didn’t win the award, it was a remarkable achievement to be named as a finalist.

Overall, Shaine Casas’s swimming career has been remarkable and he doesn’t plan to slow down. He is a combination of his raw talent, hardwork, and dedication that will continue to make waves in the swimming community for many years to come.

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